Gaïa Rouen

Eiffage Construction wins the contract for a 20,000 sq. m. eco-designed property programme called Gaïa (76)

Construction Division

Gaïa is an imposing mixed-use project (offices, housing, facilities and shops) located in the Flaubert eco-district in Rouen, covering an area of 20,000 m². The works, carried out as a general contractor by Eiffage Construction, will begin in November 2022, and are aimed at achieving high levels of certification such as E3C1 and BEPOS Effinergie, synonymous with eco-design.

Gaïa, designed by the architectural firms Atelier des Deux Anges and Artefact, is a mixed-use project based on an environmentally friendly design and located on the banks of the future canal in the Flaubert district of Rouen.
Divided into two lots linked by a footbridge, the Gaïa project (R+8) will offer :

  • 900 m2 of local shops ;
  • 1,900 m2 dedicated to training;
  • 12,000 m2 of offices ;
  • 74 residential units and 30 flats for sale.

The complex has been designed to ensure the well-being and serenity of users. The presence of numerous green spaces and the canal adjacent to the buildings will make it a peaceful environment where life is good. In order to meet the challenges of the circular economy and sustainable development, the inhabitants will have terraces on each roof with vegetable gardens, beehives, composting areas and water recovery tanks.

The architecture will combine bio-sourced materials, a concrete envelope with external thermal insulation and a timber frame for the interior facades of the buildings. The environmental labels targeted are BBC Effinergie, E+C- and level 1 biosourced building.

This large-scale operation will require the use of three cranes on the site. In addition to the environmental approach, 19,000 hours of professional integration will be carried out on the site, which will involve nearly 150 workers.

Congratulations to our teams in the North-West region for winning this major project!
Client: Odyssée Immobilier, HYPHEN
Mandated design architect: Atelier des deux anges
Mandated architect for the construction: Artefact
Technical and environmental design office: ALBEDO
General contractor: Eiffage Construction
Control office: Socotec
Plumbing and HVAC: SATEB
Electricity: Dieppe Electricité