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Eiffage Foundation and Article 1 call for volunteers: give a helping hand to a student

Eiffage Group

L’association Article 1 propose à des professionnels bénévoles d’accompagner à distance et pour 3 mois des étudiants pour répondre à des besoins concrets et grandissants dans cette période. 

The Article 1 association enables volunteer professionals to remotely support students for three months, to meet their practical and growing needs during the current period. 

The Article 1 association gives everyone the opportunity to volunteer periodically to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds and help them succeed in their education. The commitment is limited in time, three months, and is designed to meet the students’ practical, periodic and specific needs. 
The initiative, called 1A1, developed out of the Réussite Virale movement launched during the first lockdown in March 2020, which allowed 3,000 students to receive urgent support. For 2021, the association has the ambitious objective of supporting 10,000 students through the 1A1 scheme, as there is a huge demand! 

Article 1 supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds throughout France, to help them succeed in their academic and professional endeavours. The Eiffage Foundation has been supporting the association since 2015. More than 150 Group employees have been involved in supporting students through individual mentoring or by running workshops.

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