Eiffage Foundation: artistic expression and integration of disadvantaged young people in Marseille

Eiffage Group

Atelier Méta 2 works to encourage access to culture and employment for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and priority neighbourhoods, and promotes cultural mediation through art in schools. The Eiffage Foundation is helping to finance renovation work at the association’s premises.

Since 1999, Atelier Méta 2 has been helping to make urban areas more attractive through monumental art and the redevelopment of public spaces in and around Marseille. It runs local projects involving disadvantaged young people from government designated priority neighbourhoods. It helps them to develop skills through artistic expression and shines a spotlight on their work for all to see. Atelier Méta 2 is also a local cultural stakeholder with objective knowledge of the area. It promotes art education in schools, and acts as a link between disenfranchised young people and socio-educational stakeholders to help to prevent youth offending.

The Eiffage Foundation is helping to finance the renovation of the association’s premises, to create an art studio that will also act as an artists' residency running participative and work integration projects.

Development of this project is being supported by Jean-Pierre Brun, Eiffage Route Méditerranée and Jean-Marc Perrot, AER, (Infrastructures division).

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