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For over 10 years, Emmaüs Défi has been searching for the best solutions to fight against severe social exclusion.

Historically, Emmaüs has based its activity around the creation of integration projects that use employment as the main lever for integration. The return to employment for people on work integration schemes is a gradual process, involving various activities related to the collection, sorting, recovery and resale of second-hand goods.

Faced with evidence of a lack of success in 2007, members of Emmaüs got together to test new ways to integrate people in situations of extreme vulnerability and enable each person to find their place in society.
The Emmaüs Défi project was the result of that reflection. It is aimed at people who face multiple barriers to integration: homelessness, health issues, addictions, isolation … Over time and taking into account the specific needs of the people supported, various approaches offering innovative solutions were introduced to broaden and complete the scope of Emmaüs Défi action.

In 2009, the “Première Heures” (First Hours) initiative was launched, offering a progressive return to employment to provide the missing stage between living on the street and a traditional integration scheme. In the same vein, the “Convergence” programme was created in 2012. This enables the implementation of global and collaborative support for employees on work integration schemes, to deal with housing, health and employment issues by developing a network of specialist partners (social housing authorities, health centres, businesses). In the same year, the “Banque Solidaire de l’Equipement” (Solidarity Equipment Bank) was created. This allows people accessing permanent housing to buy essential new equipment at a reduced cost.

The social and environmental impact Emmaüs Défi has had in the Paris area is well established. With 203 employees on work integration schemes receiving support in 2017 and 1,336 tons of donations collected, the association is a key player in the fight against severe social exclusion and the promotion of a circular economy, making reuse a lever for employment.

The Eiffage Foundation wanted to support this important project by donating €15,000 to expand the Riquet site from 3,500 to 5,000 sq. m., and improve its insertion and sales capacity.
Project supporters Alexandra OURAEFF and Jean-Paul CHAIGNON will be contributing their respective professional skills in the fields of communication and works management.

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