Eiffage Foundation: Enhanced partnership with Positive Planet France to promote entrepreneurs in priority areas

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Inauguration of the new Positive Planet France of Paris took place on 5 April 2019, attended by the founder Mr Jacques ATTALI. It was an opportunity for the Foundation, which last December renewed its support for a period of 3 years, to witness the vibrancy of the association.

The Positive Planet France association works to combat poverty and exclusion in working-class areas, by developing entrepreneurship and promoting the success of sustainable businesses.
Personalised support (individual, collective, training, social events) from employees, entrepreneurship professionals and volunteers, makes it possible to provide all the key skills and technical support needed by project developers and business creators to launch and develop their business, and rebuild their self-confidence. In other words, giving people the means to start off in life.
Entrepreneurs have access to technical support for specific subjects, and a mentoring programme to help them over the long term. The association is actually launching a call for volunteers for both these initiatives.
Positive Planet France also works closely with financial organisations (ADIE, Initiative France, etc.), professional support and integration organisations (Pôle Emploi, local missions, youth missions, job centres, etc.) and business creation partners (BGE, France Active, etc.).
Finally, because entrepreneurs from priority areas often lack networks, “Positiveurs” entrepreneur clubs have been set up to promote contact between entrepreneurs and provide access to new business opportunities.
As a result, over a period of 13 years (from 2006 to 2018), around 28,500 people received support, 6,400 of these setting up their own business; in 2018 alone, some 1,200 businesses were set up resulting in the creation of 1,400 jobs.
After a period of 3 years, 87% of “Positiveurs” have a professional activity, with 69% of companies still in business and 18% of entrepreneurs in a salaried position.[i]
Since 2015, the Eiffage Foundation has been helping to finance the investment needs of Positive Planet France, so that it can provide quality support for budding entrepreneurs, offering them a professional space to work on their project with the association. Marseille, Le Havre, Paris 18 and Roubaix have already benefitted from this financial support.
The Eiffage Foundation has extended its commitment for the 2019-2021 period, offering support for 2 branches per year (new or renovation projects), to help develop initiatives in various regions: notably Montreuil and Nice in 2019.
For more information about volunteering with Positive Planet France, please visit or contact the Eiffage Foundation: tel. 0171591118.

[i] Study carried out in 2015, and renewed in 2018 by OpinionWay.