Fondation Eiffage : La Chorba

Eiffage Foundation: La Chorba food aid association working right through the holidays

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La Chorba association leverages social and professional integration and food waste prevention to provide food aid. Every year, thanks to the collection of 313 tons of unsold food produce, the  association distributes 311,000 meals, prepared by employees on work integration schemes.

La Chorba is first and foremost a grassroots food aid initiative launched in the winter of 1997, to provide food for the needy. With no resources, collecting unsold food produce provided a quick opportunity for action. Today, the association, which has 17 permanent staff, distributes between 800 and 900 meals every evening all year round (except Thursdays), at Porte-de-la-Villette. Meals are prepared in the 12th district by 30 to 40 people on work integration schemes. Thanks to its partnerships with food retailers, 90% of meals come from food waste prevention, with the cost of a meal in 2018 averaging at just €0.14.

Hafida Toughrani, an Eiffage Construction office director, applied to the Foundation on behalf of the association to allow it to replace cooking utensils to improve efficiency in the kitchens and increase soup production capacity, with a view to meeting increases in the demand for food aid.
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