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Eiffage Foundation: A new solidarity garage in Nice

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Solidarauto solidarity garages federation help to improve mobility for people facing hardship or who have difficulty finding work. With the support of the Eiffage Foundation, a new garage opened in 2019 in Nice. Read more about the federation and this new branch.


The Solidarauto solidarity garages federation, founded by former Eiffage area manager Jean Carré, aims to organise and manage a group of entities committed to improving mobility for people facing hardship, through the management of solidarity garages operating under the pre-existing Solidarauto name.

These solidarity garages have taken on the task of repairing all cars donated to them and applying solidarity prices. They also offer a repair service for people who are vulnerable.

In France, more than one in three people on access to employment schemes have had to refuse a job offer due to mobility issues. And the numbers are higher for women with dependent children.

The association gives people whose income qualifies them for benefits or who have a form signed by social services, the possibility of buying used vehicles at solidarity prices or having their cars repaired at a reduced rate. The aim of these initiatives is to promote mobility and integration by giving people excluded from the workplace the opportunity to find stable and sustainable employment. Solidarauto is also a key stakeholder in the circular economy: adopting the repair, recycle and reuse initiative is also a way of taking care of the environment.

Since 2017, Solidarauto, in partnership with the Eiffage Foundation, has opened three solidarity garages, one in Clermont-Ferrand in 2017, one in Tours in 2018 and the latest one in Nice in 2019.

The Nice garage opened its doors in 2019. It is the only solidarity garage in the Alpes Maritimes area. Since it opened, the garage has helped over 40 eligible people with the repair or sale of vehicles. It is run by two professional mechanics, an assistant on a work integration scheme and a manager. With demand for repairs coming mainly from people on work welfare benefit (RSA) or having a family allowance quota of under €1,000 euros, its goals for the first half of 2020 are focused on recovering more vehicles through donations and the sale of these vehicles (after repair) to people who qualify.

To donate your car and give it a second life, fight against exclusion and benefit from a tax deduction:

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