fondation : ma chance et moi

Eiffage Foundation: promoting the academic success and wellbeing of disadvantaged children in Chambéry

Eiffage Group

The Ma Chance Moi Aussi association works to combat early school leaving, by providing the tools to to successfully integrate society for children from disadvantaged and poorly integrated families.

Support takes the form of early prevention from the age of 6 and is constant (every week night plus two educational trips per year), global (tutoring, discovery and openness to the outside world through cultural and sports activities) and continuous (over a period of 10 years).
The children are immersed in a caring environment that then becomes their baseline reference. The aim is to provide positive role models and build their capacity for discernment, which they can then pass on to their families.

Active in Chambéry since 2014, the association plans to expand by opening nine centres a year right across France.
Philippe Bouchut, agency manager at Eiffage Route is involved in the project with the support of the Eiffage Foundation and the Direction Eiffage Route Centre Est (opening of a centre in Echirolles).