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Eiffage Foundation: solidarity food truck to provide employment for people facing extreme difficulties in Lille

Eiffage Group

The Magdala association supports extremely vulnerable people living in Lille. With the help of the Eiffage Foundation, the association is launching a solidarity food truck that will provide employment for five people facing difficulties.

The Magdala association provides unconditional support at its day centre for vulnerable people facing difficulties in Lille. It also manages a residential home that can accommodate 13 people. Finally, for the past three years, it has provided overall support to help people get their lives on track, particularly in terms of employment thanks to its “tous en projet” initiative.

The association is launching a solidarity food truck that will be located on the Catholic University campus in Lille. During its first year, this integration site will enable five vulnerable people to work in the catering and logistics sectors, which are currently experiencing manpower shortages. It will also encourage interaction with the 27,000 students on campus.

Nicolas Roobaey, business manager at Eiffage Energie Systèmes is volunteering his support and advice at the association, particularly concerning electrical installations in the professional kitchen. The Eiffage Foundation is providing €15,000 in funding.
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