Eiffage Foundation: testimony from the sponsor of the Méta 2 association

Infrastructures Division

Jean-Pierre Brun, former employment coordinator for the Grand Sud region at Eiffage Route, is a sponsor of Méta 2 with the Eiffage Foundation. Having retired in June 2020, he shares with us his experience with the Marseilles-based association.

  • Could you describe the association you sponsor and its objective?

The objective of the association Méta 2 is to have a workshop where artists can come and work and use the tools available. Méta 2 is about making life more beautiful through the creation of links between artists and young people from difficult neighborhoods, through welding, through art... to give them back a taste for work. 

  • What is your involvement in this association?

My first role is to advise. An external advice because I don't know how to weld or paint.
An advice of hindsight on a decision or during a development. And afterwards, to help them with the preparation of the files. Secondly, it's the link that I was able to create with the architects and the people of the region. And thirdly, of course, it's being the guarantor of the funds that the Eiffage Foundation has given to the Méta 2 association.

  • Why did you get involved in the Eiffage Foundation?

I got involved in the Eiffage Foundation because it was a way for me to give back what life had given me. I started from nothing and I managed to evolve, because people helped me, people believed in me. You have to learn to give back what you've been given or what you've been given. 

  • What would you say to Eiffage employees to encourage them to get involved in the Foundation?

Giving time to an association such as Méta 2 allows it to live, develop, grow and help others. That's what employees need to tell themselves. That's our social purpose: we build roads, we build bridges, we build buildings, we create links and the Eiffage Foundation also wants to create links.

  • And for you, what is the project that motivates you?

The mission of the Eiffage Foundation is to contribute to the professional integration of people in difficulty. It supports projects that promote access to employment or training in France and abroad, wherever the Group is present. What all these projects have in common is that they always propose an integration approach. More recently, it has decided to increase its support for more preventive actions aimed at young people, for example to prevent them from dropping out of school. 

Photo Credit: Jobteaser