Eiffage Génie Civil has signed the first major contract with Sarens for a low-carbon mega-crane for the EPR2 project in Penly (76).

Infrastructures Division

The contract, awarded by EDF, includes the provision and operation, by a dedicated team, of the world's largest land crane - the SGC-250 - adapted, at the site's request, into an electric version: a first.

This gigantic gyrating crane, with a lifting capacity of 5,000 t, will travel on double bogies on rails, enabling it to move between 2 rings spaced 70 m apart.

With its 5,200 t counterweight, it will be equipped with a 118 m main boom and an 88 m jib, enabling it to reach a height of 200 m. In this configuration, it will carry out more than 1,000 lifts - ranging from 50 to 1,800 tonnes - over spans of up to 210 m.

This exceptional equipment will arrive on site in 2028, and will consolidate the strategy of maximising prefabrication undertaken by Eiffage Génie Civil.