autoroute E18 en Norvège

Eiffage Génie Civil : le contrat de l’autoroute E18 en Norvège enclenché

Infrastructures Division

The press conference organised in Norway on Wednesday 10th of February with his client Nye Veier, a company owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport, was the opportunity for Eiffage Génie Civil to launch the design & build contract for the section of the E18 motorway which will connect the towns of Langangen and Rugtvedt.

Signed on 18th December, for value of €190 million, this contract covers 7 kilometres of four-lane motorway divided into 2 sections. The first section includes the construction of 4 composite steel concrete viaducts spanning a total length of 1,300 metres. The second section consists mainly of the new Grenland steel structure cable stayed bridge, with a 330 metres main span. 

The contract also includes 900 meters cumulated long Blafjell tunnels to be excavated and equipped, as well as 3,300 metres cumulated long Kjørholt and Bamble tunnels already excavated and to be equipped.

Eiffage Génie Civil will harness the expertise of several entities of the Group for this project: Eiffage Métal for the construction of Grenland bridge, and Eiffage Route’s GB5® high performance pavement. The Safety Force® innovative application developed by the Group will be used for on-site risk prevention. 

Eiffage will collaborate with AFRY (Norwegian) and SYSTRA (French) design offices, and the Norwegian firm Bertelsen & Garpestad AS, as well as the worldwide expertise of Mr Michel Virlogeux for bridges. 

The contract, which targets ‘Excellent’-rated Ceequal certification, is due for completion by summer 2025. 

An additional section estimated at €260 million is expected to be awarded to the Eiffage Group by the end of 2021 after the optimisation phase is completed for the construction of a 10 kilometres motorway section, including 5.8 kilometres of twin tube tunnels.

Created in 2016, Nye Veier (meaning “new roads” in Norwegian) is responsible for developing 530 kilometres of roads up to 2029 for a total investment budget of almost €50 billion.