Sydney Bateau

On Eiffage Génie Civil's VL8 site, the first spoil evacuation boat has been loaded.

Infrastructures Division

This milestone marks the start of rotations between Vigneux-sur-Seine (91) and the Bonneuil-sur-Marne platform (93), the outlet for spoil from the VL8 Lot 2 site.

River transport of this excavated material removes the equivalent of 30 trucks from the roads.

This solution also makes it possible to transport more volume, while limiting nuisance for local residents and CO2 emissions.

The VL8 collector will be used to reinforce the SIAAP wastewater network, preventing untreated water from being discharged into the natural environment and ensuring the bacteriological quality of the Seine for swimming during the Paris Games.

Consortium: Eiffage Génie Civil (leader), NGE - BTP