Eiffage Immobilier signs the Sale in the future state of completion with 123 IM of the future senior residence CAZAM of Vernon

Construction Division

Eiffage Immobilier has just concluded the Sale in the Future State of Completion of a new CAZAM senior services residence in Vernon (27) with the management company 123 Investment Managers. After the cities of Pontoise (95), Clermont-Ferrand (63) and Saint-Ouen (93), Vernon will thus host the fourth residence of this new generation concept.

Located on Rue Louis Hebert, this new CAZAM residence will benefit from the unique setting of the banks of the Seine as well as the proximity of all medical services and the shopping center of Vernon.

On a living area of 5,377 sqm, it will include 121 units and 50 air parking spaces.

Work has already begun with the demolition of an existing building. The opening of the residence is planned during the first half of 2023.

This signature concretizes the new association Eiffage Immobilier et Montana Gestion in CAZAM which aims the development of 25 Residences Services Senior in the short term. The two actors intend to contribute to the housing problem of the 200,000 new senior citizens of the next decade, of the 75-85 year old age group resulting from the post-war Baby Boom.

Photo credit: ATAUB Architectes