Eiffage générique

Eiffage just signed with EDF a contract for civil engineering works on the first two EPR2-type reactors in Penly for a value greater than 4 billion euros

Infrastructures Division

Eiffage, through its subsidiary Eiffage Génie Civil, just signed the contract with EDF to carry out the main civil engineering works for the first pair of EPR2-type nuclear power plants on the site of Penly. The contract has a value greater than 4 billion euros.

The tender of this contract began in 2019. The contract includes the construction of two units, including 69 civil structures.


The preparatory works should begin in mid-2024 once the administrative authorisations are granted to EDF. The civil engineering phase will include the construction of the reactor buildings containment - a 70 metres tall dome with a 50 metres diameter - and the turbine hall buildings. It also includes a six-level operation building with a total floor space of 15,000 m2 in a design and construction framework. This work will require synergies between several of the Group’s areas of expertise.


Eiffage will be striving to boost the local economy, prioritising local jobs and social employment. At its peak, this civil engineering phase will involve almost 4,000 people, and will generate 1.3 million working hours of social employment and jobs for people with disabilities. In cooperation with the project stakeholders, the Group will also develop training programmes essential to the revival of the French nuclear industry.


This new contract awarded to Eiffage demonstrates the Group’s ability to manage major projects and support large industrial companies in meeting the challenges of decarbonisation and energy sovereignty in France.

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