Eiffage Énergie Systèmes carries out electrical works on the Lumen-La Cité de la Lumière hub in Lyon

Energy Division

Promoter-designer Cardinal Group in charge of building the Lumen-La Cité de la Lumière hub in Lyon’s Confluence district has chosen Eiffage Énergie Systèmes to undertake the electrical work. This major project was spearheaded by French lighting sector expertise network Cluster Lumière.

“We aim to bring together players in the lighting business on a single site, by fostering synergy of their scientific, technical, cultural and societal skills”. Such is the ambition of this atypical project driven by Cluster Lumière, which currently groups together 170 companies.  The hub is dedicated to lighting and its many uses, human implications and capacities for innovation, and will be open to all the sector’s players , including manufacturers, design and engineering offices, lighting designers and technicians, fitters and distributers.

The 9-storey office building will cover 8,000 m² of surface area, with the ground floor opening onto a reception area, a co-working café and an exhibition area. Laboratories for experiments and demonstration in real conditions are to occupy the first floor, while the five floors above will contain office space, each with capacity for 90 people. The meeting and seminar rooms will be on the eighth floor at the top of the building, including a rooftop terrace which can be privatized. 

Our teams are in charge of high and low voltage work throughout the building, and are to install a transformer substation, the low-voltage master distribution panel and distribution boards. They will also ensure distribution and wiring throughout the building, and commission functional and architectural hub lighting, safety lighting and charging points for the electrical vehicles.  In addition, they are to take charge of installing the fire alarm system, Voice, Data and Video telephone and interphone networks, access control and Building Automation System (BAS). Lumen-La Cité de la Lumière will be opening its doors in 2021.

Photo credits : © groupe Cardinal