Eiffage Énergie Systèmes contributes its expertise to the design of an eco-friendly ice rink complex

Energy Division

Sin-le-Noble ice rink in the Hauts-de-France region is to be a fine example of sustainable design, involving the deployment of several different skills. 


This new sports complex, built for Douaisis Agglo, will include two ice rink surfaces (one of them Olympic-sized), as well as a fully-glazed restaurant area. 

The project gives our Wimille and Valenciennes branches the opportunity to display all their know-how in the fields of high voltage power, fire protection, VDI, intrusion, access control, ticketing, videophones, video surveillance, PV and EVSE. 

The ice rink will be powered by a 1250 kVA transformer station supplying both its HVAC needs and the freezing system required for its operation. All the heat released during ice production will be reused to meet site needs, or by neighbouring aquatic spa centre Sourcéane. 

Our teams will install over 450 solar PV panels totalling around 170 kWp on the outside of the rink. 

Photo : CHABANNE Architects.