Eiffage Énergie Systèmes equips Intermarché d'Apprieu (38) with 198 photovoltaic solar panels for its own energy consumption

Energy Division

Intermarché d'Apprieu (38) entrusted Eiffage Énergie Systèmes with installing photovoltaic solar panels to increase the share of green energy in its energy mix. In total, our specialists connected 198 panels to the car park shades and roof of the supermarket, which has been fully consuming its own solar energy production since February.


Through the Place au soleil programme, the Groupement des Mousquetaires (7 brands and 4,000 sales outlets) is encouraging its shops (all franchises) to install photovoltaic solar panels, in order to produce 20-30% of renewable energy for their own consumption. 

The facility installed by our experts at the Intermarché d'Apprieu supermarket in Isère will save the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 38 local residents. With 16 kWp on the roof and 67 kWp on the car park shading, the 198 panels will produce an estimated 81,000 kWh/year. 

"This facility will enable the shop to make substantial savings, and will also allow us to collectively reduce our carbon footprint, so we can look forward to a more sustainable future," explained assistant business manager Yoann Maisse. 

Sog Solar, design office for a number of "Mousquetaires franchises, has called on our experts to carry out several photovoltaic projects for the Intermarché group, notably at Étoile-sur-Rhône (26) and Hermillon (73). And other self-consumption photovoltaic projects are under review, including one at the Bricomarché in Chazey-Bons (01).