Eiffage Énergie Systèmes installs 5,000 charging points for SNCF electric vehicles

Energy Division

The rollout of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

(IRVE) in private car parks and the equipping of the public network have become compulsory under the Mobility Orientation Act (Loi LOM). This has opened up exciting new market opportunities for Eiffage Énergie Systèmes. Our specialists have developed nationally recognized know-how, and their technical expertise has enabled them to win major contracts. For example, SNCF recently awarded them a contract to deploy and operate-maintain charging stations for its fleet of electric vehicles and those of its employees. 

The French Mobility Orientation Act (Loi d'orientation des mobilités - LOM) was enacted in 2019 and aims to accelerate the roll-out of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on the public network (400,000 charging points by 2030), as well as in private car parks. From 1st January 2025, companies with car parks of more than 20 spaces will have to equip five per cent of them with charging points. The law also requires companies with fleets of over 100 vehicles to renew their fleets from year to year, until fifty per cent of them are low-emission vehicles by 2030. 

After equipping various Eiffage Group sites, the Énergie Systèmes branch has set up an EV charging infrastructure market unit to respond to calls for tender at national level. This has already enabled our experts to win major national contracts with third-party operators (Allego, Electra, TotalEnergies and Engie Vianeo), the Univi group, Imerys and the SNCF. 

"We're deploying 5,000 charge points for the SNCF, spread across all French sites, over a four-year period. This will be followed by six years of operation and maintenance, with supervision of the charging points provided by our partner Virta. Dedicated project manager Michel Deny has been appointed to oversee this national contract and will be tasked with distributing the work and maintenance to our local agencies", explains Infrastructure Business Manager and EV charging infrastructure referent Jean Klein. 

A specific unit with a direct link to the EV charging infrastructure axis has been set up in our Branch to coordinate bids for national tenders. Eiffage Energie Systèmes thus formulates customized responses and offers turnkey solutions including design, supply and installation of charging points (each terminal comprising one or two charging points), as well as terminal operation and maintenance (now including supervision) and customer support, particularly in the event of the takeover of an existing fleet.