Eiffage Énergie Systèmes orchestrates Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure supervision in Clovis car park, for the City of Soissons.

Energy Division

The town of Soissons, which recently inaugurated its Clovis car park right next to the station, has chosen Eiffage Énergies Systèmes to monitor its electric vehicle charging infrastructure (IRVE). Our experts can also use their WE-GO supervision tool to manage electronic payments for the various charging points.

On 5 February, the town of Soissons (02) opened a 420-space, three-storey car park to the public, featuring 78 charge points installed by our Reims-based teams. Supervision and electronic payment management of these charge points were entrusted to our security specialists. 

Our experts are using the WE-GO supervision tool to carry through their assignment. This has  already proved its worth internally on Eiffage Group's electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  The terminals monitored in Soissons are also listed on the Gireve digital platform, which enables the general public to identify available charging points nearby. 

"By linking charging operators such as WE-GO with all the mobility operators, Gireve enables us to provide access to the charging infrastructure terminals in Clovis car park to mobility operators in charge of BtoC relations. WE-GO also allows us to keep a record of consumption for each charging session, and Gireve invoices the end customer according to the rates set by the town of Soissons", explained Business Manager Mustapha Bencheikh. Initially, 40 charge points will be commissioned by our experts at the beginning of April, with the others to follow in the spring. 

In addition to designing, supplying and installing charge points, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes specializes in the operation and maintenance of charging infrastructure terminals, as well as in monitoring them and assisting customers with electronic payment management. In this respect, the security division has just exceeded 1,000 monitored charge points.