Eiffage Énergie Systèmes replaces a stretch of extra-high voltage power line (380 KV) in Belgium.

Energy Division

Belgian high-voltage transmission grid managers ELIA have undertaken to replace wiring on a stretch of the extra-high voltage (VHV) Horta-Avelin power line. Our Transport & Distribution subsidiary is hard at work between the towns of Zomergem and Avelgem. 

The Horta-Avelin line is a dual-circuit, double-harness VHV power line which runs from one HV substation to another on pylons equipped with 4 brackets on the left-hand side and four others on the right. Our teams are in charge of fully renovating the stretch of line linking Horta (located at Zomergem) and Avelgem substations. They are replacing the existing cables with new HTLS and OPGW conductor cables, which will enable a stronger current to pass.  

Our experts must first remove the spacers which keep the two cables in the same harness apart to avoid them becoming entwined. They will then install the new cables on pulleys, rolling them out from one anchor point to another, in order to replace all the lines in place on the stretch one by one. They will finally be able to position the anchor chains (horizontal) and suspension chains (vertical) on each pylon before refitting the spacers on the cables.  

Once these network reinforcement works are completed, our specialists are also to install avifauna beacons on the power lines. These red-and-white spiral devices will be fixed on the VHV lines to keep birds away and prevent them from hitting the cables.  

Photo credits : © Eiffage Énergie Systèmes