Eiffage Énergie Systèmes takes part in a complete overhaul of the drinking water plant in Albi (81)

Energy Division

Albi Urban Community has entrusted Clemessy with building its drinking water plant. Our experts have mobilized a large part of their know-how in the fields of industrial electricity, safety and monitoring for this project, while our specialists are in charge of the HVAC works contract for the whole site.  

The electrical facilities commissioned by our employees comprise a 1,000 kVA prefabricated transformer substation, a monitoring & control cabinet for the water treatment activities, another for the dewatering (or distribution) and a set of power distribution cabinets for the plant and its 700 m² of office space.  

Ventilation works mainly concern a roof-top A/C unit with a capacity of 15,500 m3 per hour, enabling pond dehumidification. Our air-conditioning specialists have also installed an 8,500 m3/hour-capacity roof-top unit in the water treatment tank area and a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) with 15 indoor units, in the offices.  

Albi drinking water plant is classified as “sensitive equipment” and protected by CCTV and thermal cameras installed by our teams. They have also taken charge of renovating a pumping tower, two rechlorination stations and the interconnection of the radio system with 15 other sites close to Albi (water towers, storage ponds etc.). 

A grand total of 6,600 hours or 18 months’ work will be needed to carry through this project. The plant should be operational for distribution by the end of November, providing a treated water flow of 28,000 m3 per day. 

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