Eiffage Énergie Systèmes transforms a Lafarge quarry in Seine-Maritime into an inert waste storage area

Energy Division

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Eiffage Énergie Systèmes was entrusted with transforming 233 hectares of the Lafarge quarry in Saint Vigor d’Ymonville (76) into a storage area for worksite  rubble. To carry through this inert waste recovery project, our employees had to adjust the whole of the site’s conveyor circuit.

The former quarry is located near Tancarville canal, which joins the Seine in the town of Tancarville, and is ideally situated for reconversion into an inert waste storage area. The excavated materials are crushed and recycled as aggregates for roadbuilding or used to fill and redevelop the quarry. They are transported by barge run-of-river, to limit greenhouse gas emissions and guarantee peace and quiet for local residents. 
The Lafarge group, which aims to market a growing quantity of aggregates for civil engineering professionals, is seeking to obtain the major part of building rubble from the industrial players involved in the Grand Paris project. The cement manufacturer is counting on its strategic position in direct contact with the Seine, and has already had its conveyor circuit modified by our teams. 

Our electricians pooled their know-how on this project, notably in the fields of high voltage power and automation. They also installed CCTV and optical fibre throughout the storage area. 

The transformation works are now finished, and the site is operational.