12072022-EiffageRoute- Chaussée CUD SF-Nantes

Eiffage Route experiments with a removable urban pavement in Nantes (44)

Infrastructures Division

An urban pavement that can be dismantled like a jigsaw puzzle... As part of the I-STREET* project, in partnership with the Gustave Eiffel University and the company Alkern, we have produced a 180 m² demonstrator of a dismountable urban pavement with a functionalized surface layer (CUD-SF).

This pavement is made up of two-layer hexagonal draining concrete slabs, prefabricated by the company Alkern at its Arthon-en-Retz (44) site, using natural local and recycled aggregates.

The slabs are laid on a bed of gravel and on a road base of porous excavable gravel.

Several functions are combined :

- The pavement can be easily and quickly dismantled and reassembled, allowing access to the underlying networks without major maintenance work,
- The handling of the slabs is optimised and facilitated by a specific tool, manufactured by the company Crealev based in Miribel (01),
- The pavement structure is porous, allowing rainwater to flow, collect and eventually be reused,
- The porous surface of the slabs is optimised for drainability, skid resistance and rolling noise.

Congratulations to the teams for this promising achievement!

*The porous surface of the pavement is optimised for drainability, skid resistance and rolling noise.