Route recyclée renouvelable

Eiffage Route solutions once more rewarded by the French government for the 2021 “Routes et Rues” competition for innovative projects

Infrastructures Division

Eiffage, through its subsidiary Eiffage Route, was recently recognised for three innovative solutions it submitted to the French Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition’s 2021 “Routes et Rues” competition for innovative projects:

TramERS GB5®is a tram line system with a rail buried in high-performance GB5®asphalt, designed by a partnership between edilon)(sedra, Eiffage Route and Eiffage Rail, that facilitates the integration of urban tram lines both in the works phase (speed of execution) and operational phase (reduced noise and vibration).

  • ÉcOasis®is an integrated solution for developing urban cool islands that aims to significantly reduce the temperatures experienced during hot spells. Its other benefits include carbon storage, biodiversity protection and improved rainwater management.
  • HPE is an asphalt featuring strong environmental performance and an extremely high level of recycled materials (50% to 80% recovered road surfaces, ballast or concrete from demolitions), lower mixing temperature, and in some applications, plant-based binder used instead of bitumen.

These innovations will now be the focus of experiments by public contractors keen to test them in their regions. They will then be monitored for three to five years by Cerema to verify their performance and durability.

Established by the Infrastructure, Transport and Sea Division of the Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition, the “Routes et Rues” competition encourages the validation of innovations under real conditions on demonstration sites.

Eiffage has been a winner every year since the competition began. The Group previously won awards for Recyclean®and R6Pont in 2015, Aéroprène®in 2016, and Recytal-ARM®and Luciole®in 2017, followed by Microphone®Stéréo and Guid’N Grip®in 2018. In 2019, Eiffage won four of the eight distinctions for LuminoKrom®Vision+, Biophalt®, Skinway®, and PRFC, a solution for repairing and reinforcing bridges using prestressed polymers reinforced with carbon fibre. In 2020, two low-carbon solutions won awards: Bioklair®(formerly BioKrom®) and Bio-Ertalh®.