Eiffage Route wins government award for 2023 "Routes et Rues" call for innovation projects

Infrastructures Division

As part of the 2023 edition of the "Roads and Streets" call for innovation projects, we have just been awarded a prize for our Carbon Light solution.

Carbon Light is a low-carbon asphalt mix that incorporates a plant-based binder and is produced at warm temperature. This solution reduces the CO₂ impact by almost 30% compared with traditional asphalt mix. Through its implementation, Eiffage aims to generalise the use of biosourced, renewable and low-carbon materials to all its solutions and on all its worksites.

More than ten years ago, Eiffage Route pioneered the development of plant-based asphalt mixes for road infrastructure maintenance. The company now offers a diversified range of plant-based materials for both road construction and urban development: Recytal®, Biophalt® and Bioklair®.

For more information: http://eiff.fr/1gYM50Q9m7E