Palais justice Lille

Eiffage secures the construction contract for two new court sites from the APIJ (French Public Justice Infrastructure Agency)

Construction Division

Eiffage, already part of a consortium working for the APIJ on behalf of the Ministry of Justice on the final reconstruction phase of the Baumettes prison complex in Marseille, recently won two new contracts for judicial system projects.

Palais de justice de Lille

Through its subsidiaries Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes and Goyer, the Eiffage group secured this contract, initiated by the APIJ on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and worth just over €85 million, to build the new Palais de justice in Lille.

Designed by the architects OMA, Saison Menu, WSP France and BMF, the project is a complex of three interlocking structures with total floor area of 24,200 m2. A hexagonal main structure contains the working spaces. At its centre is a triangular tower that contains the 60 court chambers. Both rest on a landscaped base given over to visitor spaces and the 11 open courtrooms.

Eiffage Construction will be responsible for construction on a general contracting basis. Goyer will provide exterior joinery in the form of almost 9,000 m2 of panels and glazed sections, for which a special glass had to be developed – coloured on the outside and clear on the inside. Eiffage Énergie Systèmes will complete the high- and low-voltage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing works packages.

The project’s impact on the existing environment will be minimised by encouraging ecological connectivity in green spaces to protect biodiversity. Its connection to the urban heat network, which is 60% powered by renewable energy, and the enhanced thermal performance of the building envelope will allow the complex to achieve 30% savings on RT2012 and Level E3C1 of the E+C- Label, in line with the Ministry of Justice’s energy conservation target commitments.

Works are already under way and due to be completed at the end of Q1 2025. Eiffage Construction is committed to providing 33,000 hours of social employment on this project.

National Court of Asylum and Administrative Court of Montreuil

Though its subsidiaries Eiffage Construction (project principal) and Eiffage Services in a consortium with architects Snøhetta Studio Paris and the design offices AMOES and OTEIS, Eiffage recently won the global public performance contract to design and build the future site housing the National Court of Asylum and Administrative Court of Montreuil, and to operate and maintain it for five years. The contract is worth €89 million (with Eiffage’s share amounting to €83 million).

Assigned by the APIJ on behalf of the Council of State, the project is part of an ambitious urban renewal plan for the La Noue district, backed by local authorities and the National Agency for Urban Renewal (ANRU).

The National Court of Asylum will occupy a renovated 10-storey building forming a right angle with a brand-new 7-storey extension. This 15,700 m² complex will contain 732 workstations in 22 office spaces, plus 40 courtrooms. At the opposite end of the site, the future Administrative Court’s 4-storeys and 4,800 m² floor area will accommodate a double-height entrance hall, 200 workstations divided between 15 office spaces, and 5 courtrooms. The two court buildings will also benefit from generous green spaces containing common areas (such as a restaurant, plenary chamber and multifunctional space) and car parking.

On the environmental side, the project will incorporate bioclimatic design in its spaces and a connection to the town’s urban heat network. Low-carbon concrete and biosourced materials will be used in line with the project’s ambitions to obtain the E+C- Label (E3C1 Level), along with the Biodivercity® and Biosourced Building labels.

Construction work will begin in the first quarter of 2024 following a 14-month design phase, with handover scheduled for 2026.