Label BDM College Var

Eiffage Services, united around a single goal: performance

Concessions Division

Eiffage Services, the multi-technical and multi-service building maintenance specialists, has obtained the BDM (Mediterranean Sustainable Building) label for three secondary schools in the Var region of France. 

The Saint-Raphaël, Carcès and La Seyne-sur-Mer secondary schools were built under a public-private partnership agreement signed with Eiffage Concessions in December 2015. 
Eiffage designed and built the three schools to comply with the BDM approach, which covers the social, environmental and economic aspects of construction with actual performance objectives tailored to France’s Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region.  
The BDM label covers seven themes:

  • Project management 
  • Territory and site 
  • Materials 
  • Energy 
  • Water 
  • Comfort and health 
  • Social and economic aspects 

Since the schools were delivered in 2018, Eiffage Services has provided their technical and building maintenance while also upholding the environmental aspects of their BDM label, ensuring their energy control and controlling their impact upon biodiversity.
The teams of Eiffage Services also ensure the comfort of those using the schools by guaranteeing a comfortable temperature in summer and providing natural lighting and indoor air quality; in addition, they use bio-sourced materials and have installed a wood boiler to heat the Carcès secondary school’s teaching, gymnasium and half-board accommodation buildings, for example.
An educational support programme was set up in 2019 with the middle-school pupils and the Eiffage Services teams to raise the students’ awareness of biodiversity and energy. An association also went to the Saint-Raphaël secondary school for a week to talk to the 11-year-old pupils about the importance of saving energy (water, electricity, etc.) and protecting biodiversity. These workshops will be repeated every year.  
The BDM label additionally guarantees a high level of energy and environmental quality. It promotes bioclimatism, minimises the impact of the materials used and reduces water and energy consumption in order to maintain the comfort and health of the buildings’ occupants while also addressing social and economic issues. 
The many successful moves to foster biodiversity on the sites include the monitored growth of the aristolochia pistolochia shrubs planted during the works phase, which are visibly beginning to colonise the area as a result. Two new plants have grown, and proserpine butterfly eggs have been laid in the shrubs and reached the caterpillar stage.
Another example of our work to promote biodiversity is the resumption of filtering of the educational pool, along with our work to repair its liner. 
After three years of operation led by Eiffage Services, the teams achieved the BDM label’s gold and silver levels. This long-term partnership commits us to maintaining the performance levels guaranteed by the label.
The know-how and professionalism of Eiffage Services shows its commitment and ability to support its customers and partners in their energy and ecological transition.