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Eiffage wins the concession for the development of the 65,000 sqm Entrée de Ville - Paul Hochart Business Improvement Area in L’Haÿ-les-Roses

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Eiffage, through its subsidiary Eiffage Aménagement, has been named by the town of L’Haÿ-les-Roses and the Grand Orly Seine Bièvre regional public authority, the winner of the development concession for creating the Entrée de Ville - Paul Hochart Business Improvement Area to the south of Paris.

On a site of around 3 hectares near the D7 through road, this 65,000 sqm project designed by Eiffage Aménagement will refresh the area’s housing offer and create local economic activity around a public square. The plan includes 900 homes, of which around 100 will be social housing, with 1,800 sqm of businesses and services on the ground floor of the buildings, plus a new 25-class school complex complete with sports facility and canteen.

After an initial design phase lasting until 2020, public space creation and home building works will continue until 2022, followed by a second phase of housing and public space construction lasting until 2027.

The Paul Hochart area is part of the New National Urban Renewal Programme in L’Haÿ-les-Roses and Villejuif. Located at the eastern edge of the town, this development is at the heart of a project to offer a dynamic urban gateway and restore urban coherence to the town.

In the “Smart City” spirit, design of the new Hochart district will be guided by the principles of simplicity and energy efficiency. This mixed project of envergure takes an ambitious environmental approach, looking ahead to the 2020 Environmental Regulations and aiming for E3C1 energy and carbon certification.

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