Eiffage wins a contract to build a new bridge at Leverkusen in Germany via a consortium

Infrastructures Division

Eiffage, acting through SEH, the German subsidiary of Eiffage Métal, has been awarded a contract in consortium with Max Boegl, Plauen Stahl Technologie, Zwickauer Sonderstahlbau and Hochtief Infrastructure to build a new bridge across the Rhine in Leverkusen, Germany. The contract is worth a total of €358 million, with Eiffage’s share at €126 million.

The contract for construction of a 688m-long structure has been awarded by the Rhineland Branch of Autobahn GmbH (the management company operating Germany’s motorway network). The 2x4-laned bridge will form part of the A1 motorway between Leverkusen and Cologne.

SEH, the consortium’s lead contractor, will be responsible for demolishing the existing steel structure, completing 25% of the manufacturing of the new metal structure, protecting against corrosion, and assembling all the steelwork and the structure’s cables. The metal components, representing over 16,000 tonnes of steel in total, will be manufactured in Germany and delivered by waterway via the Rhine.

The operation, which aims to replace an existing structure with an optimised new configuration, is part of the drive to enhance the quality of Germany’s bridges.

Work is due to commence in September 2023, with delivery scheduled for late 2027.

This latest contract follows on from the project previously won by the Group, also as part of a consortium, to build an initial 2x4-laned bridge in Leverkusen due for delivery during 2024. That project is worth €180 million, with Eiffage’s share at €116 million. The second bridge will be built in parallel to the first. Upon their completion, both bridges will replace the existing crossing, which no longer has sufficient capacity.

In addition, SEH has built several other metal structures in Germany, such as the Hochmosel bridge, one of the country’s largest steel viaducts, which was delivered in 2020, and the Elbe and Zollelbe bridges in Magdeburg, both of which will be delivered in 2023.

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