En septembre 2015, notre agence de Rennes s’est associée à SFR Business (ex Telindus) pour remporter le marché de mise en œuvre du réseau informatique multiservice (lot n° 50). Les deux sociétés ont uni leurs compétences d’intégrateur de fibres optiques e

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Working with rail transport infrastructure and urban network operators, Dorsalys provides the backbone to EES’ systems and networks trades. Our specialists have materialized a number of budgets for this brand, linked to the Rennes metro line B project undertaken in 2014. They have just won Lot 112 (LV electricity and HVAC) for the construction of St Jacques-Gaité park and ride site, which is to be built in partnership with air-conditioning specialists from our Clévia expertise brand. The allotment of this new contract is an opportunity for us to review the assignments already completed on this huge metro project in Brittany.

In September 2015, our Rennes branch in partnership with SFR Business (ex-Telindus) won a contract to set up a multi-service IT network (Lot 50) The two firms combined their skills in fibre optics and IT communications integration to cover the 15 stations on Rennes Metro Line B. 

In June 2017, this time in partnership with Boscher Signalétique & Image de Coueron (44) and AS Enseignes Signalétique de Chartres de Bretagne (35) our teams were awarded the contract to manufacture and install static signage equipment (Lot 27) in all 30 stations on the Rennes Metro network. The following month, they won another contract involving the inclusion of 360 gates, 50 service doors, 360 glass panels and 110 power supply units (Lot 80). This contract was also carried out in tandem, since the components installed were manufactured by Klein Access Design in Hirson (02). In November 2017, our specialists were awarded a share of a new contract, LV electricity for the Line B gates (Lot 82). This share was carried out alone unlike the complementary Lot 81, Line A gate construction and finishings, obtained in February 2018 and partially sub-contracted to Eiffage Construction. 

In July 2018, our teams carried off a complementary contract to Lot 50. They took charge of routing optical fibre on Rennes Metro Line A. This service, which involved installing additions to the existing low voltage cable paths between Chantepie garage workshop and La Poterie station, was partially sub-contracted to Eiffage Route. 
If we total all these operations, our teams have worked more than 40,000 hours on Rennes metro network all in all. This breaks down into 17,500 hours of project management and research and 22,600 hours of works between September 2015 and the end of 2020, when Line B is to be commissioned. 

Photo credits : Tertrarc