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An experiment to open the way for carpooling!

APRR Group

As a committed player in day-to-day mobility, APRR intends to dedicate a traffic lane to vehicles with a high number of occupants (abbreviated NOÉ in French) on certain urban and semi-urban roads.

For this to work, it must be possible to check that the vehicles on these lanes are actually authorised to use them.
This is the purpose behind the experiment currently under way on the A6 motorway, north of Mâcon, i.e. develop a solution that can automatically count the number of occupants in vehicles.

A6, testing ground for Artificial Intelligence at the service of carpooling
On the A6 motorway at Mâcon Nord, in the direction Paris-Lyon, an experiment is being conducted by the APRR group, in collaboration with Pryntec, to test an innovative solution allowing automatic counting of the number of occupants in vehicles.

In fact, since May 10, 2019, an intelligent solution installed on the central reservation has been analysing the occupancy rate of vehicles traveling at high speed (130 km/h).
This experiment also aims to evaluate this innovative system by day and at night and in different weather conditions.
This new solution is based on what is called "deep learning" technology, a self-learning process in which a software's performance is enhanced while it is used.
Towards an increasingly shared motorway
If the experiment on the A6 is conclusive, the system will be deployed on the reserved lanes that the APRR group expects to be trialling from 2020 onwards.
The goal here is to educate motorists on how to use the carpool lane properly, through educational messages displayed on variable message boards.

Watch the BFM TV report: (link is external)