First-half 2022 results

Eiffage Group

The Group's activity and results grew strongly, not only compared with 2021, but also compared with the pre-crisis period. 

Concessions recorded a higher level of activity in the first half-year than in 2019. This was already the case since 2021 for Contracting, which is positioned in high-potential market segments that are central to the ecological transition  (renewable energy, energy sobriety and sustainable mobility).
Free cash flow, which is regularly negative in the first half, was neutral this year, reflecting good cash management in Contracting and despite growth investments in Concessions (including in the new A79 motorway). Eiffage is therefore presenting a solid balance sheet and high liquidity levels at 30 June 2022.

  • Strong growth in revenues (+8.6%), mainly organic (+7.6%)
    • A significant increase in Contracting activity in all divisions (+6.4%)
    • Strong growth in Concessions (+21.3%)
  • A substantial increase in operating profit on ordinary activities to €925 million (+36.2%) and in net profit group share to €354 million (+36.2%)
  • A solid financial position (Eiffage S.A. has liquidity of €4.8 billion)
  • Another increase in the Contracting order book to €18.0 billion (+9% year on year)
  • Commitment to the Group's carbon neutrality by 2050 and alignment with the 1.5°C trajectory. Publication of the 3rd climate report.
  • The 2022 outlook of further growth in activity and results is confirmed.

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