Fluid control by Barep, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ expertise brand

Energy Division

Internal leakage in tap and valve equipment is a major safety hazard on industrial sites, also causing significant profit losses for the operators. For these reasons, our expertise brand Barep, the fluid control and industrial facility maintenance specialists, have developed a new solution to detect internal leaks in valves and other kinds of taps and fittings, without dismantling the equipment and shutting down the process.

The solution offered by Barep uses technology which captures and analyses acoustic vibrations emitted from inside the equipment, thus avoiding the need for facility dismantling and servicing. Our experts’ maintenance diagnoses enable internal leaks to be detected and actual product loss measured and monetized, before carrying out the necessary condition-based or predictive maintenance.
The turnkey solution offered by Barep aims to give the client an accurate view of the state of their tap and valve equipment and improve the reliability of the valve network, irrespective of facility end use. The package developed thus includes the services of a specialist engineer in charge of scanning the valves and tap fittings, analysing acoustic data and establishing an expert report. Qualified technicians are then able to take charge of corrective maintenance work based on the technical recommendations of the leak detection process.

This ground-breaking service, exclusive in France, enables the identification of defective valves, elimination of production losses, optimization or anticipation of process shutdowns, limitation of equipment provision hazards and monitoring of facility and equipment performance. In the first instance it targets industrial sector companies, offering an undisputed competitive edge, but it concerns tertiary sector facilities as well, since they must also meet drastic security requirements and need efficient, optimized maintenance.
We could add a paragraph to explain that leak detection is the first step towards overall condition-based site maintenance (combined services including valve handling, regulating valve control and detection of external leaks…).

Photo credits : © Alexis Toureau