Green awards

Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Eiffage's environmental commitments

Infrastructures Division

At the "Green Solutions Awards Construction 21*" on Tuesday 17 September, Eiffage and Eiffage Route presented the Group's "low-carbon" strategy, as well as two projects that are part of this dynamic: 

Recyclean®: Exclusive process for the 100% reuse of pavement materials polluted, in particular by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), without disposal in storage facilities or the use of new materials. This process makes it possible to reprocess a polluted pavement without health or environmental risks.

Recytal-ARM® or vegetable road: repair of degraded roads with a vegetable emulsion allowing work to be carried out without impact on global warming and with carbon neutrality.

*An international competition organized by the Construction21 network, the Green Solutions Awards highlight exemplary buildings, neighbourhoods and infrastructure that contribute to the fight against climate change.