GTA project in Senegal and Mauritania: start of production

Infrastructures Division

Under very strict sanitary conditions due to Covid-19 situation to protect first health and safety of our entire workforce, works related to  Eiffage’ scope on GTA Hub are still progressing: first slab of the first caisson in Senegal and start of rock production in Mauritania.

In Dakar, on dedicated newly built yard, the first slab* of the first caisson have been poured on march 31st summing 1200 cubic meters placed continuously during almost 30 hours.  
Simultaneously, in Mauritania, rock production, on which caissons will be laid, started in project quarry located in Hajar Denken. The first production blast done on march the 28th and then start, on march the 30th, of commissioning and then production with special equipment “Trommel”. This quarry, fully operated by Eiffage, will supply majority of rocks required for foundation of the caissons. Graded rocks will then be transported to Nouakchott Port for storage prior loading on installation vessels.
*Dimensions of the slab: 55 meters long, 28 meters width and 0.8 meters thickness.