Guinness World Records® for the IP13 site

Infrastructures Division

Congratulations to the Eiffage Génie Civil teams who are taking part in the transformation of the Syctom household waste treatment center in Ivry/Paris XIII. They were awarded the Guinness World Records for the longest slipform made in once.

This technique, chosen for its speed compared to conventional concreting, enabled the teams to build the new reception and storage pit for residual household waste in the future Energy Recovery Unit in just 19 days!

A world record, shared with our partner Chantiers Modernes Construction, for a large-scale structure: 62 meters long, 22 meters wide and 31.5 meters high, for a total of 212.78 meters produced in slip formwork, and which required more than 3,600 m3 of concrete and 670 tonnes of steel, 278 hydraulic jacks and the mobilization of 160 people.

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Photos ​Crédit: Franck Badaire