Haute-Marne : Eiffage Immobilier launches work on the first gendarmerie (police station) with financial backing from a regional department

Construction Division

The operation of the barracks in Chaumont is exceptional: in fact, it is the first time in France that a project on such a scale has been financially supported by a Department, namely that of Haute-Marne. The works contracts for the project were awarded to two other Eiffage businesses, Eiffage Construction and Eiffage Route, and were won by Eiffage Immobilier through a property development contract (CPI).

A year ago, our teams won this project. A few days ago, they launched the works for delivery in the first half of 2022.

The gendarmerie will house the services of the Haute-Marne departmental gendarmerie group, the departmental road safety squadron and the Chaumont company, as well as 74 housing units for the gendarmes and their families, spread over 7 buildings and 4 detached houses.

In addition to these 7 buildings, there are 3 others, all built by our Eiffage Construction teams in Champagne-Ardenne: they will be reserved for garages, service and technical premises (public reception, offices, laboratories, workshops, storage, archives, etc.) to create a real estate complex with a floor area of over 10,000m².

Designed by the architects Atelier Tequi and Delphine Thiant, the environmental quality of the operation is based on a concept designed to best meet the expectations of the gendarmerie and the families housed on site, as well as on a few fundamental principles: sustainable works at a controlled overall cost, buildings with low energy costs, healthy materials for the benefit of the health of the occupants, optimisation of excavation and backfill by limiting the evacuation of soil from the site.

Congratulations to our teams for launching this work, to whom we are giving all our energy for this extraordinary project!

Credit: Atelier Tequi