Impact of Covid-19 on Group Operations

Eiffage Group

Update on Operational Activity

The health crisis generated by the spread of the Covid-19 virus is causing tremendous upheaval to the Group's activity, in both Contracting and Concessions. In this context, Eiffage has given priority to:
− protecting employee health and, in general, the health of everyone working on Eiffage sites, and
− ensuring the operational continuity of vital activities under its responsibility in the countries where Eiffage operates.

In Contracting, in France and in the Group's locations in Europe, all of which are affected by the health crisis, the teams have remained active on vital missions for the country, including hospital maintenance operations, food chain continuity or maintaining supplies of electricity, water and gas, etc. Many other production activities have had to be suspended in order to review the organisation of work in the current health context and reinforce barrier measures, in conjunction with customers and public authorities. Resumption of activity will be progressive, according to the type of work or structure and their priority. Lastly, some other operations have been postponed by customers, or where the necessary health measures cannot be taken.

As a reminder, the Contracting order book stood at €14.2 billion as at 31 December 2019 (11.2 months of activity).

In Concessions, service continuity of the motorway, railway and airport infrastructures managed by the Group has remained the priority. The unprecedented reduction in motorway traffic in France since mid-March is the logical consequence of the confinement measures and, to a lesser extent, border closures. Details of APRR's motorway traffic are appended. In the airport sector, a minor activity for the Group, the health measures have gradually reduced traffic to approximately 15 daily flights (departure) from Toulouse airport this week. Finally, in rail transport, Eiffage operates the Bretagne-Pays de la Loire high-speed rail link within the framework of a PPP, with no traffic risk.

Various measures have been taken to limit the impacts of this situation on the Group's results and cash position.

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