Inauguration of line B of the Rennes metro

Infrastructures Division

In Rennes, line B of the metro was inaugurated on Tuesday 20 September ! This new 14 km line serves 15 stations between the towns of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande and Cesson-Sévigné.

This is an emblematic project in which Eiffage Génie Civil participated, in a consortium with Razel-Bec, by building the 2.4 km viaduct linking the "Beaulieu - Université", "Atalante" and "Cesson-Viasilva" stations.

This is a real source of pride for all the teams involved in the construction of this magnificent structure, whose aesthetic appeal makes us forget the technical feat achieved during its construction, with a launching beam specifically built to lay two spans simultaneously.

A new link in Brittany's capital, this second metro line will provide better service for local residents and make life easier for users.

The viaduct in figures :

  • 2.4 km long
  • 8.6 m wide
  • 70 piers
  • 1 abutment
  • 974 segments
  • 34 hyperstatic decks
  • 2 isostatic decks
  • 70 spans up to 40 m
  • Maximum superelevation: 10%

Thank you to SEMTCAR* and Rennes Ville et Métropole for their confidence and congratulations to our teams for the work they have done !

Client: Rennes Ville et Métropole and SEMTCAR
Project manager: Egis Rail, Egis Bâtiments, Arcadis, L'Heudé & Associés Architectes
Viaduct project manager: Egis JMI
Viaduct architect: Cabinet LAVIGNE & CHERON

Credits: MRW Zeppeline Bretagne / SEMTCAR

*Société d'Économie Mixte des Transports Collectifs de l'Agglomération Rennaise