Trophée des Femmes de l'Industrie

Isabelle Prioton is the 2022 "Commercial Woman", a distinction awarded by Usine Nouvelle at the Trophée des Femmes de l'Industrie

Construction Division

Congratulations to Isabelle Prioton, Industry Development Director, winner in the "Commercial Woman" 2022 category of the Trophée des femmes de l'Industrie by Usine Nouvelle for her entire career. The award was received on 29 September at the Pavillon Wagram in Paris, in the presence of the Minister Delegate for Industry.

hanks to her expertise as Director of Industry Development at Eiffage Construction, she participated in the implementation of a commercial strategy to support Symbio (Faurecia & Michelin) in the construction of its hydrogen fuel cell production plant in Europe.
Her aim is to prove that today's industry is accessible to all, and to change the way young people view the sector.

Its role is to provide manufacturers with high-performance solutions for the construction or renovation of their factories, by integrating the latest environmental standards, architectural research, the quality of materials and energy optimisation...
Eiffage Construction is very proud to have Isabelle Prioton as one of its employees and to be part of the women's industry.

Congratulations also to all the winners!