Ivory Coast: the Singrobo-Ahouaty dam site tames the Bandama River

Infrastructures Division

After our Ivory Coast Hydro Energy (IHE) received the order on 18 May to begin work on the Singrobo-Ahouaty dam, teams from Eiffage Génie Civil and RMT (Eiffage Énergie Systèmes) were mobilised in the field to give this project, which has been awaited for many months, a reality that is more than virtual.

The first earthmoving machines have begun work on the platforms designed to house the Cité des travailleurs, with a capacity of 260 places, our living base, our offices and those of our client, as well as the technical installations (concrete plant, crushers, mechanical workshops, etc.). The Bandama River has been diverted to reveal the first land on which the various structures of this 1,400 m long dam will be built, requiring 1 million cubic metres of blasted rock and 100,000 cubic metres of concrete.
The complementary geotechnical and topographical surveys are in progress to enable the BIEP to launch its execution studies in the best possible conditions.
This 34-month-site, which is currently 15% advanced, will see the teams step up their work in the coming months to reach a forecast workforce of around 500 people.

Photos Credit : Eiffage Génie Civil