On line 16, Eiffage Rail begins work at the future Saint-Denis-Pleyel station

Infrastructures Division

The crews of line 16 are entering the station! Railway work continues on line 16, where Eiffage Rail teams have just begun work on the future Saint-Denis-Pleyel station.

This is the first of the ten stations our teams will meet, which began work last June at the Finot service structure at the western end of the line.

This station, located at a depth of 28 metres, is expected to accommodate more than 250,000 passengers per day and will provide interconnections with the metro (lines 14, 15, 16 and 17) and the RER D via the Pleyel Urban Crossing.

The group builds all the railway systems of line 16, i.e. 29 km of automatic metro line.

Read more about Finot : http://eiff.fr/FmKW50LmU50

Grouping : TSO, railway works, TSO CATENAIRES, NGE – BTP, Société du Grand Paris