Lyon: Eiffage Construction launches rehabilitation of nearly 400 occupied dwellings, targeting energy excellence

Construction Division

Located in the heart of Lyon in the Menival district, Eiffage Construction begins the rehabilitation in occupied site of the Domaine de l'Etang for the social landlord SACVL (Société Anonyme de Construction de la Ville de Lyon). This is an example: the thermal rehabilitation of the residence will achieve a high level of energy performance, a benefit for the environment and for the inhabitants.

This set of 367 dwellings in 8 buildings was designed in the mid-1960s by architect Charles Delfante and first renovations had taken place in 2010 to limit thermal losses.

By entrusting to Eiffage Construction the rehabilitation of the residence, new works will be carried out to make these buildings references in terms of energy performance: thermal insulation, creation of a central mechanical ventilation, refurbishment of the domestic hot water system, lighting of the common areas, smoke removal of the landings, replacement of the landing doors and doors of access of each building, change of the controls of access to each block.

All this work will be carried out in order to achieve the BBC Effinergie Renovation performance level, which attests to the energy efficiency of the buildings and the comfort of the residents.
The particularity of this site is its construction in occupied site, which presents all the characteristics of the «classical» site with an important additional stake: the intervention in the private space of the tenants and in varied socio-cultural environments. This element implies an open approach to the inhabitants where the tenant of each dwelling becomes a full partner of the operation and where communication between all stakeholders is paramount and must be conceived as an overall strategy, from the preparation period, during the execution of the work, until the reception.

Designed by the agency JSA (Jacky Suchail Architecte), the 8-million euros project should be fully renovated in spring 2022.

Photo credit : DCE