In Monaco, Eiffage Metal orchestrates the airlifting of masts onto the "Mareterra" real estate complex.

Infrastructures Division

After several months of design by our engineering and manufacturing services, we are pleased to announce the installation of two masts, 28 and 38 meters high, at the top of this complex.

To accomplish this, our teams first assembled the masts on the Rainier III quay, and then a "Super Puma" from SAF company airlifted the structures, weighing respectively 1.4 and 2.3 tons, to the roof of the residence.

Rope access technicians from MTH company then took over to detach the attachments located at 17 and 27 meters along the masts.

Congratulations to our teams mobilized on this extraordinary project!

This project demonstrates the technical expertise of our teams and our capacity to innovate in order to make exceptional projects, such as "Mareterra," a reality and to shape a future where sustainable design goes hand in hand with elegance.

Watch the images of this large-scale operation!