In Nantes, in 6 months, Eiffage Construction built a school… which can be deconstructed and transported!

Construction Division

Unbelievable but true! Our teams in Loire-Atlantique delivered at the end of September and in only 6 months of work the school group Joséphine Baker which welcomes 250 students. Its particularities: modular, removable, transportable and reusable block construction, 100% of which was carried out by regional companies. The various know-how of the Eiffage Group was solicited, with Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Energie Systèmes and Eiffage Route.

Launched in February 2020, our teams in Pays de la Loire completed the work of the Joséphine Baker school group in Nantes, and delivered it at the end of September.

Designed by MCM Architectes, the operation consists of the design, implementation and maintenance of this new school group consisting of 5 elementary and 3 kindergarten classes that can accommodate up to 240 students, and including a multipurpose room, a motor room and a school restaurant spread over 3 buildings.

The modular block structure, prefabricated and which made it possible to optimize the construction period to 6 months, represents 2200 sqm on a plot of 4300 sqm. Inside, large spaces, light and functional rooms make up the buildings. On the outside, a warm wooden facade was chosen, alongside a coloured fresco designed by Maud Soulard from Atelier Joli Baz'art.

Temporarily welcomed in the Louise-Michel school, students and teachers will be able to push the doors of the Joséphine Baker school group on November 2.

The project, aiming for the energy standard RT 2012 – 20%, brought together many of the Group’s businesses, with Eiffage Energie Systèmes for electricity and Eiffage Route for roads and utilities. Our teams were accompanied by the design offices BERIM (Structures – roads, utilities and fluids) and ITAC (acoustics).

Congratulations to all our teams mobilized on this atypical project!