Near La Défense, Eiffage Construction delivers 8,000sqm of office space with rare architecture and technical features

Construction Division

Located in Courbevoie, the "Défense Avenue" project consists of the new construction of an 8,000 m² office building, including 5,600 m² of rental space, as an extension of an existing building. Built for the QNB (Qatari National Bank), it is a construction site with a rare technicality due to the numerous curves and counter-curves of the building made of a mixed steel and concrete structure.

Designed by Ory architectures, the operation is divided into 4 levels of offices and one level with terraces and technical premises. There are shops on the ground floor, and a 1000m² landscaped forecourt as well as 500m² of wooden terraces with planted beds have been handed over to the City in front of the building.

One of the particularities of the construction site was to take particular care to preserve the calm of the site while carrying out the work, as the occupants of the existing building remained in activity throughout the 22-month construction period.

The project has been awarded a number of labels, which are part of the Eiffage Group's ambitious environmental approach: HQE Exceptional, BREAAM Very Good, Well Gold.

Congratulations to the teams for this beautiful construction site and this beautiful delivery!

Photo credits: Thierry Favatier