A new asphalt plant in Estrées-Saint-Denis (60) for the Matériaux Enrobés de l’Oise teams

Infrastructures Division

The inauguration of the plant took place on June 10 in the presence of numerous officials, including Myriane Rousset, Mayor of the city, Sophie Mercier, President of the Plaine d'Estrées Community of Communes, Olivier Paccaud, Senator and Departmental Councilor for the Mouy canton, and Bruno Cahen.

This fully retrofitted facility now enables them to offer a wider range of asphalt products, but more importantly, to produce materials at lower temperatures and to incorporate up to 40% recycled asphalt into their formulations.

They also offer products made with aggregates from their Nivernais quarries, Carrières et Matériaux, and Avesnoise, Bocahut, transported by rail, as the site is equipped with a branch terminal installation.

The site also houses a circular economy platform on 5 recently acquired hectares.

All three expressed their great satisfaction in having a sustainable and useful industrial facility in their area and emphasized the importance of such investments in the department.

Our teams provide further evidence of their commitment to achieving Eiffage Group's carbon footprint reduction goals.