Our teams mobilized for power plant maintenance in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region

Energy Division

Our teams are in charge of maintenance work on power production facilities for our market garden and horticulturist customers. They remained mobilized to ensure that energy cogeneration plants were able to retain high performance levels during the lockdown.  

Our employees handled electro-mechanical, electrical, and running motor maintenance 24/7.  

During the lockdown, we decided in agreement with our customers to limit our action to key operations: our teams went out to the customer only in cases where restarting equipment by remote means was not an option.  

Many operations were remotely controlled using the monitoring tools installed by our teams, such as meter readings, for example. This remote view of the power plants enabled our technicians to adjust certain settings – three-way valve control, plant power management – where necessary, and maintain the energy performance essential for production.  

Photo credits : ©Bertrand Bechard