Paris Games: Eiffage modernizes Cesson-Sévigné whitewater stadium

Eiffage Group

Our Eiffage Énergie Systèmes experts are taking part in the renovation and expansion of Cesson-Sévigné whitewater stadium, in a consortium with teams from Eiffage Génie Civil (lead contractor) and Eiffage Route. The base is a favourite playground and training ground for top-level kayakers and whitewater athletes. It must bring its facilities up to international standards to be able to accommodate athletes as they prepare for the next Olympics.

Cesson-Sévigné whitewater stadium was built in 1999 and is as well known to canoe-kayak enthusiasts as it is to the French national team professionals. It has been labelled as a "preparation centre" for the Paris Games and now needs a makeover if it is to be able to welcome the most prestigious delegations in the discipline. 

“We are building a more powerful and less energy-consuming pumping station than the original facility so that Cesson-Sévigné whitewater stadium will be able to host international athletes. This new facility will be capable of driving four 200 kW pumps, and the electrical cabinet we are replacing will be used to operate a roof valve and a dam made up of three other valves," explained Eiffage Énergie Systèmes business manager Antoine Taburet.

The system installed by our experts will make it possible to collect and process about twenty types of information via All or Nothing sensors (discrete sensors) and about ten kinds of analog information. Settings management will be controlled by a remote supervision device interconnected with the city’s system. Historical data from the eight meters comprising the whitewater stadium's electrical installation will be systematically sent back to the city's supervision system, thus enabling the operating periods to be optimized.

The pool was emptied and closed in March 2022, but will be open to the public again in early 2023, once the work has been completed. The sports river, soon to be accessible to people with reduced mobility, will enable French national team athletes to prepare for the Paris Games and the Los Angeles Games in 2028. The site will also be able to host high-level competitions from 2023.